Thank you for your interest in working with me. While I cannot accept students directly, I currently work with and advise graduate students from four UO graduate programs. If you gain admission into any of these programs, I can work with you as an advisor if we decide together that it is a good fit. If you are interested in applying to any of these programs (particularly the doctoral programs) and are interested in working with me as your advisor, please email me at sstaplet at uoregon dot edu in advance of your application so we can connect and discuss potential trajectories and program fit.  

Critical and Sociocultural Studies in Education (CSSE) doctoral program

This is my department’s (Education Studies) doctoral program. Its primary focus is in examining inequities within education, across myriad contexts. CSSE program admission is every other year, so please check on the admission cycle. Students admitted into this program generally enter with considerable life and work experience within education, though this can be either formal teaching experience or informal education experience. Most students in this program study K-12 formal education contexts, while a few work in other educational contexts. The methodological focus of the program is primarily critical qualitative and post qualitative research. 

Environmental Sciences, Studies, and Policy (ESSP) doctoral program

This is the interdisciplinary doctoral program for Environmental Studies at the UO which requires you to also identify an additional focal department. Admission is yearly. Typically, working with me as your advisor would mean that Education Studies and the CSSE program would be your focal department/program. Admission into this program requires admission into both programs. 

Environmental Studies master’s program

This two-year master’s degree program through the UO Environmental Studies program is a fully funded master’s degree where students work as Graduate Teaching Fellows within Environmental Studies to fund their program participation. I have served as thesis chair and committee member for students in this program. 

UOTeach teacher credential and master’s program

If you are interested in becoming a teacher, I teach science methods courses in my department’s Master’s in Teaching program, UOTeach. Admission to this program is yearly and the program runs from Summer-Spring terms.